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Find all the numbers hidden among the objects.


In this math puzzle game your task is easy. Move the digits to complete the sum and clear the playing field of colored tiles.

Math Lines

Destroy balls by forming pairs that add up to 10. You can use one ball to destroy a group of same numbered balls.


Explore virtual lands, undertake quests, play games, make friends and more in SecretBuilders!

Jigsaw Sudoku

Play a game on Jigsaw Sudoku!

Math Man

This is a pac man game with a twist. When a special food is eaten, you will be given a formula, and you can only eat the ghost with the answer to the formula.

Number Balls

Use your mouse to click on the balls in ascending order of numbers.

Shape Inlay

Drag the tiles at the bottom of the screen to fill up the shape. Press the space bar to rotate the dragging tile.

Fishy Count

Get ready to count those fish! Count the fish shown, then click on the shell with the correct number.


Destroy blocks by forming complete rows with the blocks.

Golf Solitaire

Move all the cards to the bottom pile. You can only move a card that is one point higher or lower than the topmost card on the pile.

Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt

Help Pharoah build the spectacular pyramids of Ancient Egypt in this solitaire game. Remove all the cards from the pyramid by selecting pairs of cards that add up to 13.

Count the Cubes

Count the number of cubes. Input the number by clicking the number buttons or by pressing the number keys.

Quick Math

Click on the symbol to complete the equation as quickly as possible.

Arithmetic Game

Click on the numbers to complete the equation at the bottom.


Connect all the islands with bridges. The number on an island is the number of bridges connecting to that island. Two islands can be connected by at most two bridges.

Gaps Solitaire

This is the easy version of gaps solitaire card game. In this game you need to arrange the cards so that the cards in each row are of the same suit and in ascending order from 2 to K.

Sudoku X

Put your Sudoku skills to the test in Sudoku X.

Killer Sudoku

Can you solve this Sudoku puzzle?


The aim of the game is to clear the playfield making a necessary sum of numbers on neighboring tiles.

Spider Solitaire

Remove the cards by stacking them from K to A. Click the deck on the lower right to deal new cards. You cannot deal new cards when there are empty columns.

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