Who Dino
InvestiGators Teaser 2
The Magic Mrs. Tick
The Bank Job
Crackerdiles Crackdown
Cilantro And C-ORB
Breakfast Business
Mango And Brash Receive Their V.E.S.T.S
Rocket Chitchat
The Boys Head To HQ
InvestiGators Teaser
The Digits: Queen Plurbis
Gopher Help
I Can't Decide
How to Beat a Bully
The Missing Stink
Farmer Phil
The Magic Flower
Witch Way?
The Lollipop Rodeo
Monkey See. Monkey Break.
Aw… Nuts!
A Good Days Work
Gigi the Jigglebug
You Can Say That Again
Bernie the Bat
Land of Lost Socks
The Space Squid Kid
Gone Wishing
One Crabby Day
The Right Fluff
My First Flame
Quiet Time
Something Fishy
Dressed to Ill
And What If?
The Blame Game
Now We're Cookin'
The Pet Set
The Chew Chew Train
Just Desserts
The Kitty Kitty Bop
The Gift
One Big Mess
And The Winner Is
All By Myself
That's Impossible
A Royal Fit
Dem Gems
Making Friends
Circus Bezerkus
Good Enough
The Reel Deal
Bossy Bossy Boss
The Cheat Is On
Stay Put
Too Few Clues
The Wishing Stars
Duckie See, Duckie Do
Hair and Share Alike
Home Sweet Home
A Couple of Quacks
Sneevil Genie
Silly Smighty Day
Smighty Jam
Little Lost Dino
Turbo Talent Show
TurboBot Roll Off!
Pranks, Mom!
Sibling Prankery
Treasure Map Adventure
The Smighty Express
Pineapple Rain
Tooth Trouble
Perfect Scoop
Super Fun Color Run
Dude's Lagoon
A Smelly Taco Surprise
Friendfest Festival
Smighty Claus
Smighty Frighty
Smighty Frighty
Smighty Claus
Rainbow Show
Go Cry A Kite
I Can't Wait
Bubble Trouble
All Fired Up
The Big Bouquet
Quit Bugging Me
Hoe Down Slow Down
The Treasure of Parrot Point
The Candy Kingdom
Don't Be Shellfish
Super Duper Party Pooper
Snow Lie
Safari So Bad
Hocus Pocus
The Kittie Express
Baking Buddies
The Catelephant
The Great Race
Time to Climb
Mad Mad Mad
Me, Oh My, Blueberry Pie!
Largest Fidget Spinner
Most Pyraminx Solved Underwater
Largest Decorated Easter Egg
Longest Fingernails
Rubik's Cube World Champion
Fastest Time to Solve a Rubik's Cube on a Pogo Stick!
Longest Wave Surfed by a Dog
The Oldest Tapir in the World!
Most Finger Snaps in One Minute
World's Largest Collection of Video Games
Largest Collection of Wizarding World Memorabilia!
Largest Female Feet
Most Dominoes Toppled in a 2D Pyramid
Largest Rubik's Cube in the World!
Longest Cat in the World
Adorable Bunny Sets Trick Record
Longest Duration Skipping Whilst Hula Hooping
Most Tricks Performed by a Dog in One Minute
Highest Jump by a Dog & Skipping Dog
How to Train a Guide Dog
Orbax and Pepper React to the Loudest Burp
Nilanshi Patel: India's Rapunzel
Most Skips in 24 Hours
Highest Standing Jump with One Leg
Tallest Stack of Doughnuts in One Minute
Bottle Rocket Experiment
Robot That Solves Rubik's Cubes
The Balloon Guy
Most Basketball Slam Dunks in One Minute by a Rabbit
Fastest Time to Light an LED with a Fruit Battery
Fastest Time to Pop 100 Balloons By a Dog
Dog with the Longest Tongue
Incredible Team Skipping Challenge
Marshmallow Experiment
Tom Bagnall: Fastest Jet Powered Go-Kart
Meet Blosom the Tallest Cow Ever
Episode 23: Sib-Building Rivalry
Episode 26: Bash Kitty
Episode 21: The Un-Unboxing Show
Episode 25: The More You Crow
Episode 24: A Bashingly Good Dream
Episode 22: Stuck in the Middle
Episode 17: Builder Basher Battle-O-Rama
Episode 20: Things That Go Bash In The Night
Episode 19: An Alarming Situation!
Episode 18: Top Builder-Basher Moments
Episode 16: Frenemy Feast
Episode 13: A Basher Named Phil
Episode 15: Builders Say Cheese
Episode 14: Build-n-Bash Games
Episode 11: Captain Cannonbaby
Episode 12: Magic Tools Bedtime Tale
100 Percent Movie Night
The Rule of Nines
Episode 9: No Aye-Aye in Team
Episode 10: Father-Son Dungeon Day
Episode 8: King For A Day
Episode 7: King Hex Inspection
Episode 6: The Quest for Dehiccafurp
Episode 5: Not My Flower!
Episode 4: Buildera Self-Improvement
Episode 1: Builders Build & Bashers Bash!
Episode 2: How to Build A Beast
What's On Your Plate?
Portion Control
Snack Smart
Juice Abuse
Healthy Habits
Get Off the Couch!
The Food Pyramid
Janet's Farm to Plate Rap
Food Labels
5-9 A Day
Food for Thought
Microgravity and Astronauts
Parabolas and Weightlessness
What Is Microgravity?
Sir Isaac Newton
Weight and Mass
What Happens in Microgravity
Henry Cavendish
What If There Were No Gravity
Gravitational Force
What is Gravity?
Wonder Woman: Part 1
Wonder Woman: Part 3
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