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St. Patrick's Day Games

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Color Hue

Sort the color tiles by hue! Use your eyes to study the colors and rearrange the tiles into perfectly ordered spectrums.

Over The Rainbow

Help the Leprechaun find his way to his lost pot of gold.

Lucky's Tic Tac Toe

You and Lucky play Tic Tac Toe against Dot.

Shamrock Jigsaw Puzzle

Put this jigsaw puzzle together to reveal a picture of a Shamrock.

Shamrock Drag & Drop Puzzle

Unscramble the pieces to make a picture.

Shamrock Slide Puzzle

Unscramble the pieces to make a St. Patrick's Day picture.

St. Patrick's Day Word Search

Each word on the list is hidden in the pool of letters. Words may be hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forward, or backward.

St. Patrick's Day Mosaics

Create a St. Patrick's Day picture using mosaic tiles. Copy the image shown to make your own mosaic.

Hazel and Mom's Recipes: Irish Stew

Come and join Hazel and Mom's cooking classes and learn how to cook a very tasty and Irish Stew.

Rearrange Letters: St. Patrick's Day Edition

Rearrange the letters to make a word. Use the clue below to help to reveal the mystery word.

Leprechaun Hunt

Find the leprechaun and he will give you his pot of gold.

Rainbow Rings

How many moves can you make before you run out of space?

Shamrock CountIt

Count the pictures. Drag the correct number to the question marks beside each picture.

St. Patrick's Day Path Puzzle

Find the correct path for each St. Patrick's Day icon.

Counting Shamrocks Memory

Find the matching cards. Count up the shamrocks shown and find the card that shows the same number.

St. Patrick's Day Patterns

Complete the pattern.

St. Patrick's Day Swap Puzzle

Move the tiles to unscramble the picture by clicking on any two tiles to swap positions.

St. Patrick's Day CountIt

Practice counting skills in this fun online game.

St. Patrick's Day Picture Search Puzzle

Search the picture for each of the missing pieces shown below.

St. Patrick's Day Shape Puzzle

Drag the shapes from the bottom to the picture to make it complete again.

St. Patrick's Day Turn Puzzle

Turn the puzzle pieces to make a St. Patrick's Day picture.

St. Patrick's Day Block Puzzle

Drag the blocks from the outside to the inside to construct the image.

St. Patrick's Day Mix Puzzle

Drag the columns into the correct position to make a St. Patrick's Day picture.

St. Patrick's Day Words Munchman

Gobble up ghosts in the order of the letters in the given word.

St. Patrick's Day Hangman

Guess the St. Patrick's Day word by choosing one of the letters. Find the correct letters to complete the word.

St. Patrick's Dot to Dot Puzzle

Connect the dots in order to make a St. Patrick's Day picture.

Math Tiles: St. Patrick's Day Multiplication

Practice multiplication skills with factors up to 12 in this fun puzzle game.

Math Tiles: St. Patrick's Day Addition and Subtraction

Practice addition skills with sums up to 10 in this fun puzzle game.

St. Patrick's Day Math Munchman

Practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication in this math maze game.

Baby Hazel St. Patrick's Day

It's time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with darling Baby Hazel and her friends!

St. Patrick's Day Word Jumble

The letters in each word have been scrambled. Try to guess the word by clicking on the letters in the correct order.

Rainbow Mechanic

Guide the beam to create a gorgeous spectrum of light.

St. Patrick's Day Puppy Jigsaw Puzzle

Put this jigsaw puzzle together to reveal a picture of an adorable St. Patrick's Day Puppy.

St. Patrick's Day Match Game

Match all of the pictures to win.

I Spy

First, read our animated e-book, I Spy, to learn about colors. Then Play "I Spy" with Tim! Try to find the object he spies and practice your color recognition skills.

Rainbow Cake

Let's bake some really delicious rainbow cake!

Rainbow Cupcakes: Sara's Cooking Class

Sara's trying a new recipe for some super yummy cupcakes. Wanna see how they turn out?

Clover Coloring

It is St. Patrick's Day and time to color a clover. It might give you good luck.

Green Leprechauns

Will the mischievous leprechauns grant you wishes or will they escape from your hands?

St. Patrick's Day PolyGone

Look for different sized shamrocks that have been shifted out of position.

Lucky Clover

Find all 10 four leaf lucky clovers as quickly as possible.

St. Patrick's Gold

Follow the guide arrow to collect all the coins and pot of gold before the timer runs out!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Cute Patrick the puppy is getting ready to celebrate, guess what: St. Patrick's day, of course! Dress him up in the green-themed wardrobe.

St. Patrick's Day Makeover

This girl is in an urgent need for a makeover! St. Patrick's Day is coming and there's no time to waste.

Village of Clovers

Imagine a village with colorful houses in shape of clovers, cute narrow paths, a blue river and beautiful people.

Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Make delicious rainbow sugar cookies using different colored cookie dough.

The Leprechaun's Coins

Find the differences between two images as quick as possible. Try to spot all the lucky shamrocks.

Shamrock Cake

Play this cooking game and learn to bake a mouth watering Shamrock Cake.

Monkey GO Happy Leprechauns

Find all 20 Leprechauns to make the Monkey GO Happy!

Sarah's Rainbow Nail Art

Design the perfect set of Rainbow themed nail art, and dazzle it up with Rainbow Loom bracelets and rings!

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