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Memory Games

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In this game there will be a number of objects on the screen. Two of the objects will be identical, and you need to find out the two as quickly as possible. The faster you find them, the higher the score you have.

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Counting Candles Memory

Find the matching cards. Count up the candles shown and find the card that shows the same number.

Counting Butterflies Memory

Find the matching cards. Count up the butterflies shown and find the card that shows the same number.

Winter Addition Link Puzzle

Practice addition skills by matching the correct answer to each question.

Counting Hearts Memory

Find the matching cards. Count up the hearts shown and find the card that shows the same number.

Thanksgiving Turkey Memory

Find the matching cards. Find the cards that show the same number.

Math Memory Clocks: Digital Clocks

Find the matching analog and digital clocks.

Math Memory Clocks: Spring Edition

Match the analog clocks with the correct time to make a Spring picture.

St. Patrick's Day Match Game

Match all of the pictures to win.

Ice Cream Madness

Remember what flavors of ice cream each cat wants. Click on the flavor cones at the bottem of the screen to serve the ice cream.

Memory 5

Can you memorize the exact positions of different pairs of objects and get rid of the bombs at the same time?

Memory 4

Getting used to the regular patterns of memory tests? This game of random (and cute) objects is guaranteed to be fun!

Sequence Memory

How many numbers can you recall in one go? Come and challenge your active memory!

Balls and Boxes

Are you ready to face the dazzling challenge? Your task in this game is to remember the exact locations of the balls and put them back into their original boxes after shuffling.

Pattern Memory

Memorization and reproduction are equally important in the game of Pattern Memory!

Find the Suspect

You are appointed by the detective to recognize the suspects who are involved in a serious crime.

Memory 3

Time to take a memory test again! Are you able to memorize and recall the positions of the color balls so as to pair them up?

The New One

Is the newcomer always easy to be spotted? Find out your answer in The New One.

Path Memory

In a deserted village, the paths constructed by the villagers long ago are now covered with grasses and moss. As an archaeologist, your task is to rebuild the paths which connect the houses.

Scene Memory

Utilize your sharp observation to discover the hidden truth in Scene Memory!

Blind Spot

Which one will conquer, your sharp memory or the traps of blind spots? In this game, your task is to point out the original positions of the disappeared objects.

Double Bubble

Test your memory now and memorize as many items as you can!