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Reading Games

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Dotted Alphabet

Connect dots to make each letter of the alphabet from A To Z.

Winter Words Pacman

It's Pacman with a twist. Gobble up ghosts in the order of the letters in the given word.

Winter Alphabet Mosaics

It's color by Alphabet! To determine the color of each space, use the code at the side of the page.

Spelling Cards: Winter

Correctly spell the Winter words below each picture.

Word Cards: Winter

Match the words to the pictures. Drag and drop each word label onto the matching picture.

Word Cards: Christmas

Match the words to the pictures.

Easy Typing Christmas

Practice your typing skills Christmas style!

Zombie Typing

Practice your typing skills Zombie style!

Thanksgiving Word Snake

Eat the letters in the correct order to spell each word.

Word Cards: Autumn

Match the words to the pictures. Drag and drop each word label onto the matching picture.

Halloween Letters

Look at the picture very carefully and find the hidden letters. Click on all letters and complete the puzzle.

Spelling Cards: Halloween

Correctly spell the Halloween words below each picture.

Word Cards: Halloween

Match the words to the pictures.

Grand Prix Racing: Typing

Race against other online players while practicing your typing skills in this fun online game.

Autumn Alphabet Mosaics

It's color by Alphabet! To determine the color of each space, use the code at the side of the page. The final picture will be revealed as each square is filled.

Super Hyper Spider Typer

Type the words that appear on the chameleons and help the spider escape.

Halloween Alphabet Mosaics

It's color by Alphabet! To determine the color of each space, use the code at the side of the page. The final picture will be revealed as each square is filled.

Boggle Quiz: Spring Edition

Read each clue. Find the letters to spell the answer in the matrix.

Jigmania: Snow White

Read the story of Snow White while unscrambling pieces to make a picture. Can you put this legendary story back together again?

TugBoat Alphabet

Get the power to tug by select the one of three letters that comes first in alphabetical order.

Missed Letters

Practice letter recognition by trying to find the missing letter that completes each vocabulary word.

Word Candy

Make words to collect the candy. How many words can you make?

Circus ABC

Learn your ABC's at Circus ABC! Choose a letter and find the animal whose name begins with the same letter.

Doli Alphabet

Learn the A, B, Cs as you discover the hidden Doli Alphabet.


Match the word to the correct picture.


Funland is a fun English language learning game with a fairground theme, aimed at young learners age 7-12. There are 4 mini-games, each with 9 levels.

Word Grid

How many words can you form with the given letters?

Word Out

Can you master the wordtris by using the descending letters to form meaningful words?

Simple Sentences

This is an interesting elementary school educational game. Kids learn not only "correct sentence formation" but also "correct pronunciation".

Sight Words

This word memory game is designed to learn dolch word list. Kids have to match dolch sight words to practice their exercise.

Space Words Defense

Show your typing skills in this challenging and fun galactic space game.

Torture the Teacher

Try your hardest to make the teacher resign by frustrating them so much with your poor spelling skills!

Academy Island

An unknown alien life form lands on earth and has to learn English to get by in a range of social situations. You have to progress through different difficulty levels by helping the alien use English.


Can you save the planet from the alpha bombs? Defeat the threat before our cities are destroyed! Type the letters and numbers as they appear to destroy the enemy.

Word Scramble 2

In this game you will be given 5 letters. You will need to use these 5 letters to form words. The words need not contain all the 5 letters so you can form a lot of words.

Eat Your Words

Choose your difficulty level and find the words on the list. Words can be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards, and backwards. To select a word click on the first letter and draw a line to the last letter.

Word Search

In this game you need to search for a word that matches a given meaning.

Clueless Crossword

Can you solve the crossword without using clues? Complete the crossword puzzle by guessing the letters.

Crossword Puzzle

Solve the crossword puzzle. Position the cursor over a block to see the hint. Click to start entering words. Type to enter characters.

Trash Typer

Help keep the oceans clean by getting rid of the trash. Type the word that appears below each item of trash then hit enter. If the word is spelled correctly then the trash will be destroyed.

Word Burst

From "aardvark" to "zymurgy," make words from a database of over 136,000! Click on letters to make a word. Letters do not have to be touching.

Fowl Words 2

Welcome to the Chicken Ranch where every hen is busy laying lettered eggs. You must spell the word that the eggs form before they fall off the conveyor belt.

Dragon University

Enroll at the Dragon University as a young dragon and learn the skills and knowledge required before you can graduate and become a Naturally Speaking Dragon.


On the game board, quotes by men of letters, thought and fame have been inscribed onto tiles, then scattered and reshuffled to make them illegible.

Around the World in 80 Days

Use the unique chance to visit four continents with this outstanding puzzler based on the classic novel of the same name by Jules Verne.


In this game you have to guess the word by picking the letter. Scores will be added or subtracted depending on whether you've picked up a correct letter.

Writer's Block

The Writer's Block has 3 visible sides, each showing 9 letters. Spell as many words as you can by typing the letters using your keyboard or clicking on the lettered tiles.

Typing Speed Test

Type the text as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Word Scramble

Rearrange the letters to form a valid word. You may click the hint button to get the meaning of word.

Flip Words

Click on the red letters to link them into words. The first letter of valid words will be used to reveal letters in the hidden phrase.

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