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Physics Puzzle Games

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There's nothing wrong with being a cheapskate: instead, it's a whole lot of fun!

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Cannons and Soldiers: Mountain Offense

Aim your cannon and fire! Knock down the enemy soldiers to complete each level.

Tower Blocks

Click to release the blocks and construct a tower that is as tall as possible. You lose when 3 or more blocks are missed.

Catch the Cheese

Float and deflate the mouse to get stars and cause reactions that get the cheese rolling.

The Cheapskates

There's nothing wrong with being a cheapskate: instead, it's a whole lot of fun!

Juicy Stack

Test your physics skills with these jiggling jellies.

Meet Kitty

These two cuddly cats desperately want to get together. Can you help them make a love connection?

Snail Bob

Help this slimy but spirited snail make the journey to his sparkling new abode!

Rats Invasion

Oh no! You're home has been invaded by rats! Using the tools provided, remove them from your home before it's too late.

Feed the Panda

Strategically cut ropes, pop bubbles, and avoid spikes to get sweets to hungry pandas.

Ghost Train Ride

Your goal is to be the best Ghost Train conducter ever! Your job is to keep the ride safe for the passengers while making the experience as exciting as possible!

Feed Me Moar

After an experiment that has gone terribly wrong, hamsters and other ordinary animals have been turned into monsters who are constantly hungry for MOAR!

Magic Safari

Can your jeep survive a ride across this savanna's neglected roadways?

Help Me

Help three aliens with different special abilities to save their friend from different obstacles.

Good Daddy

Help the son to reach the school by avoiding lots of obstacles and having fun!

Amigo Pancho 5: Artic & Peru

Pancho is heading off on another whirlwind journey. Can you help keep him safe?

Piggy-Wiggy Seasons

What does this little piggy love to do? Pig out! Help the pigs get the acorns as you progress through all four seasons.

Amigo Pancho 4: Travel

Amigo Pancho is on an epic quest for a girlfriend. Maybe you could help him out?

Amigo Pancho 3: Sheriff Pancho

Amigo Pancho is back! In the third installment our mexican buddy has been hired as the sheriff of a small village.

Snail Bob 8: Island Story

Snail Bob is back — and this time he's stranded on an island!

Zombie Demolisher

The zombies and their friends have invaded the city! Launch demolition balls at structures and destroy all the zombies.

Snoring Before Time

The animals in the jungle will need to work together as a team to move the sleeping elephant from his cozy position.

Go Robots!

The robots find themselves in a very strange place: unusual gravity, crazy obstacles, and many evil robots. They need your help!

Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story

Your favorite snail is back in Snail Bob 7! Bob was up late reading fairy tales. Now his dreams are filled with dragons and wizards...


Smash fruits to make fruit juice out of each level.

Amigo Pancho 2: New York Party

Amigo Pancho is back, and this time he's in the Big Apple!


An exciting career under the big top could be the death of you...

Amigo Pancho

Fly your friend to freedom!

RollerCoaster Creator 2

RollerCoaster Creator is back in this thrilling sequel. Thrill-seekers beware, 'cause you ain't seen nothing yet...

Blob's Story

Crack the puzzles and help our hero hook up with his sweetheart. Don't leave him hanging!

RollerCoaster Creator

Build your own roller coaster and collect all the coins in the game. Earn thrill coins by making your track more sensational!

Snail Bob 6: Winter Story

Help Snail Bob have a very merry Christmas by keeping him alive in this puzzle-ridden winter wonderland.

Christmas Gifts

Santa needs your help to spread his Christmas cheer. Help Santa deliver his gifts to the children's stockings. Don't get tangled up in the garland!

Imp's Pranks

This mischievous Imp is out to prank Christmas. Throw snowballs to knock Christmas presents off of the tree.

Snowman's Adventure

Oh no, this snowman has lost his head! Help put the snowman back together again in this fun puzzle game.

Snail Bob 5: Love Story

Snail Bob's comes out of his shell, but his path to true love is paved with peril.

Snoring 2: Winter Edition

Who can sleep with that elephant snoring?! Somebody make it stop!


The residents of this city are down in the dumps. Unleash a pandemic of happiness to cheer them up.

Sweet Floyd

Use buttons, platforms, fans, kickers, teleports, and rockets to help Floyd reach the sweet treats he craves.

Snail Bob 4: Space

Put on your space suit and join Snail Bob on another crazy mission to save the planet!

Snail Bob 3

HELP! Snail Bob is in a hot spot—the desert. You gotta get him out!

Snoring 3: Treasure Island

hese critters are on a quest for pirate booty. Help them keep their captain awake long enough to find it.

Froggy Cupcake

Yummy, yummy—froggies love cupcakes in their tummies!

Snoring 2: Wild West

Snoring in the Wild West is a punishable offense!


It takes a strong cow to hit a bullseye. Click to start running, release to take a flying leap over the fence and hit the bullseye-cowaboom!

Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob’s back—and it’s grandpa’s birthday party or bust!


The animals aren’t amused by this sleepy elephant’s snoring antics…

Toy Stackers

Stack Toys! There are 25 levels of toy stacking fun and 3 themes.

Lever Physics

Balance the lever by placing objects of different weights.

Get the Stars

Catch every star in this physics-based puzzler. Some parts of the environment can be moved or activated by colliding with it.

sugar, sugar, the christmas special

Sugar, sugar, the Christmas special, a Bart Bonte game. Draw and get enough sugar in the cups! Complete all 24 levels!

Sugar, Sugar 2

Sugar, Sugar is back with 30 new levels. Draw and get enough sugar in the cups! Complete all 30 levels to unlock the bonus freeplay mode.

Sugar, Sugar

Draw and get enough sugar in the cups! Complete all 30 levels to unlock the bonus freeplay mode. In freeplay mode you can create your own sugar art!

Boom Bugs

Help Fuz, Oz, Merlin and friends squish their 8-legged enemies in this cute but challenging physics game. Wipe out all the spiders to progress.

Fragile Vase

In Fragile Vase you are the shopkeeper who must sell a precariously perched precious vase for a customer.

Supper Stacker

Click anywhere to drop food on the plate. Stack up the food on the tray as high as you can! Be careful not to topple the pile.


Can you guide the lander through each mission? Use you arrow keys to control the lander.