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Winter Games

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It's a snow day and you want to make a delicious snack to share with your friends! First, follow the recipe to bake the cupcakes. Once they're ready, decorate them any way you like!

Boggle Quiz: Winter Edition

Read each clue. Find the letters to spell the answer in the matrix.

Find the Differences: Snowman

Find all 10 differences between the two pictures.

Winter Coloring

Online coloring pages for kids and parents. Color dozens of Winter pictures.

Find the Differences: Ski Lift

Find all 10 differences between the two pictures.

Math Tiles: Winter Multiplication

Practice multiplication skills with factors up to 12 in this fun puzzle game.

Snail Bob 6: Winter Story

Help Snail Bob have a very merry Christmas by keeping him alive in this puzzle-ridden winter wonderland.

Winter Dot to Dot Puzzle

Connect the dots in order to make a Winter picture.

Snowboard King

Rule the slopes with sick snowboarding skills to become the king of the mountain!

Piggy-Wiggy Seasons

What does this little piggy love to do? Pig out! Help the pigs get the acorns as you progress through all four seasons.

So Sakura: Winter Glamour

Hoping to look fresh and fabulous this winter? The Sakura girls will teach you how to look your best.

Snoring 2: Winter Edition

Who can sleep with that elephant snoring?! Somebody make it stop!

Bake Winter Cupcakes

It's a snow day and you want to make a delicious snack to share with your friends!

Winter Rabbit Dress Up

Winchester is headed out to gather food for his family before they hibernate for the winter. Dress him up so he stays warm while on his adventure!

Snowman Panic

Lilly has a snow day and she is building snowmen in Central Park! Help give the snowmen the missing items before they reach Lilly!

Cute Winter Dress Up

Amanda is getting ready to go sledding with her besties! Dress her up in cute winter clothes so she can go play with her friends!

Cute Snowman

A snowman is your best winter pal - just look at that grin on his face!

Ski Run 2

Nine tracks of downhill skiing are waiting just for you.


Ashly loves winter. She loves sledding and hanging out in the snow with her friends.

Snow Riders

Finish the races to become the ultimate snow rider.

Supreme Extreme Snowboarding

Jump, flip, and spin while bombing down a diamond! The bigger the tricks, the higher your score, so get out there and own that mountain!

Snow Tree

Build up your tree of snow to capture as many presents as you can.

Vancouver 2010

Click when the push off meter is full to get the best start.

Ashton's Family Resort

Settle families in the cabins. Provide the services they request as quickly as possible to get higher tips and move on to the next level.

Winter Games

Compete in various Winter game events and win as many medals as you can!

Super Penguin Dash

Your penguin needs to go the distance and catch fish to survive. See how far your penguin can slide, and catch as many fish as you can to raise your score.

Snowboard Madness

Pick a country team to join and choose your rider. You must qualify in the required position to advance to the next round. Good luck!

Pea Ski 2

Have fun topping the snowbound charts!

Ice Slide

Catapult your favorite polar animal as far as you can. Avoid the snowy hazards.

Polar Jump

Click on the polar bear to make him jump as high as possible. Keep clicking on the bear to reach the stars.

Snowy: The Bear's Adventures

Snowy the Bear has a very difficult task - to defeat all of the strange monsters and come back to his Arctic. And, of course, to collect the bonuses, the more the better.

Snowball Duel

Shoot snowballs at the opponent tank.

Polar Pogo

Help Pekko the Polar Bear bounce his way across icebergs using his super-charged pogo stick.

Penguin Families

Help the penguins get to the opposite shore.

Ski Slope Showdown

Grab your gear and head to the slopes - it's on!


Welcome to Pengapop, a crazy game where you control Frank, the leader of a Platoon of Penguin Pengapoppers in their quest for tasty treasures.

Snowman Skiing

Pick up branches, pine cones, and carrots to complete the snowman.

Snow Traxx

Help Chilly make his way out of the park to meet his friend Lisabella.

Snowy Meltdown

Use the mouse to guide the snowball. Don't let the snowball hit the blue or red fireballs.

Snowboarder XS

Score points by collecting stars, performing tricks and completing the course with a fast time.

Snowflake Drag & Drop Puzzle

Unscramble the pieces to make a picture of a snowflake.

Penguin Push

The object of the game is to push the blocks into the yellow holes.


Sketchy! - the ultimate park for any snow sledder.


Build a snowman by clicking and dragging different items to make a picture.

Winter Simon Says

Complete the sequence in the right order to win.

Mr. Carrot Face

In Mr. Carrot Face, you must shoot all the presents falling from the sky using your infinite supply of magical carrot noses.

Snowman Jigsaw Puzzle

Put the jigsaw puzzle pieces together to form a picture of a Snowman.

Winter Slide Puzzle

Unscramble the pieces to make a picture.

Winter Match Game

Match all of the pictures to win.

Winter Drag & Drop Puzzle

Unscramble the pieces to make a winter picture.

Winter Jigsaw Puzzle

Put the jigsaw puzzle pieces together to form a picture of a Winter Landscape.

Winter Word Search

Find the hidden words in this word search puzzle.

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