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Money Math Games and Videos

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Use your mouse to click on the balls in ascending order of numbers.

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$pending $pree

Pick the item that you would like to buy. Then choose the correct amount of coins you need to pay for that item.

One Penny - US Coins Song

Learn about the value of US coins and the dollar.

TugBoat Money

Win the tug of war by getting the power to tug by selecting the coin with the greatest value.

Shopping Craby

Help Mr. Craby calculate his shopping to match as much as the budget.

Baby Budget

Use your budget to dress up your baby. Spend exactly that amount.

Algebra Coins

Use Algebra or logic to figure out what coin a color represents.

Super Grocery Shopper

Your goal in the game is to spend as little money as possible while maintaining a balanced diet in the whole week.

Peter Pig's Money Counter

With the help of wise Peter Pig, kids practice sorting and counting coins to earn money for their “banks”—all the while learning fun facts about U.S. currency.


Your goal is to clear the field of the more expensive currency by exchanging it with the less expensive ones.