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Kit n Kate Videos

A Tale of Two Kitties Gravitational Force Break From Prison Wheat Farm Largest Fidget Spinner Quit Bugging Me The Boys Head To HQ Longest Duration Skipping Whilst Hula Hooping Baking Buddies Episode 19: An Alarming Situation! Mechanical Monster CaptainSparklez: Into The Void Episode 3
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Bath Time (Episode 2, Cut the Rope)
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Me, Oh My, Blueberry Pie!

Kit and Kate become sailors, headed for yummy blueberry pie island!

Mad Mad Mad

Kit and Kate become painters with their own studio.

Time to Climb

Kit and Kate become climbers who set out to scale Swiss Cheese Mountain.

The Catelephant

Kit and Kate head off to a medieval village in search of the legendary "dragoon".

The Great Race

Kit and Kate become scooter racers in the Great Race down Willy Nilly Hill!

Baking Buddies

Kit and Kate become bakers for the Squirrel Princess's birthday party.

The Kittie Express

Kit and Kate become postmen for the Kitty Express!

Safari So Bad

Kit and Kate go on a photo safari to get a picture of the Sneaky Sneaker Monkey.

Hocus Pocus

Kit and Kate become magicians, and set out to perform in the amazing Hocus Pocus Show!

Super Duper Party Pooper

Kit and Kate go to Partyland for Kate's "Special Day".

Snow Lie

Kit and Kate want to fly to the North Pole and build a snowman with the ducks.

Don't Be Shellfish

Kit and Kate become deep-sea divers who want to make a pearl necklace for their mom.

The Candy Kingdom

Kit and Kate become pirates in search of buried treasure.

The Treasure of Parrot Point

Kit and Kate have an adventure.

Hoe Down Slow Down

Kit and Kate want to play music for a big barn dance!

The Big Bouquet

Kit and Kate go to Dinosaur Valley to help a baby dinosaur make a present for his mom.

I Can't Wait

Kit and Kate go to an amusement park to ride the world famous Linguini Loop de Loop.

Quit Bugging Me

Kit and Kate fly to planet Zoltron to locate the source of singing being picked up by Mission Control.

Go Cry A Kite

Kit and Kate go to fly a kite, but when a gust of wind gets the kite stuck in a tree Kate can't stop crying.

Bubble Trouble

Kit and Kate go to Bubble Beach to make bubble castles.

All Fired Up

To be like "real" firemen, Kit and Kate search for a fire to put out.

A Couple of Quacks

Kit and Kate become doctors who want their patients to have fun.

Hair and Share Alike

Kit and Kate become hair stylists in Poodleville for Woofy and Poofy.

Home Sweet Home

Kit and Kate get invited for lunch at Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house.

Too Few Clues

Kit and Kate become detectives, assigned to catch a jewel thief who robbed a museum.

The Wishing Stars

Astronomers Kit and Kate plan to stay up to watch a rare meteor shower that night.

Duckie See, Duckie Do

Kit and Kate go to play at a waterpark.

Stay Put

Kit and Kate hike with a group along Twisty Trail.

The Cheat Is On

Kit and Kate play hide and seek with the ducks, but soon Kate and the ducks quit.

Bossy Bossy Boss

Kit and Kate want to build a house for the ducks, and Kit wants to be in charge.

The Reel Deal

Movie directors Kit and Kate shoot a film starring a comical elf.

Good Enough

Kit and Kate are archeologists at the ancient pyramid of King Kat.

Making Friends

Kit and Kate would like to become friends with Linda Lamb, the assistant at a laboratory.

Circus Bezerkus

Kit wants to join the circus with his sister, but Kate isn’t interesting because she thinks it is boring.

Dem Gems

Kit and Kate go to Magicville to become wizards, but they end up destroying the town.

A Royal Fit

Kit and Kate are the royal tailors of Buglandia in charge of making a new outfit for the six-legged Prince.

That's Impossible

Kit and Kate want to ride Robo-Ponies at Pony Park just like the other kids.

And The Winner Is

Kit and Kate win a car race against the ducks, but the crowd thinks the kittens are losers.

All By Myself

Kit and Kate head off to build a see-saw they can play on together.

The Gift

Kit and Kate go the North Pole to wrap presents for Santa Claus.

One Big Mess

Kit and Kate want to fly a jet airplane, but first they need to find its keys.

The Kitty Kitty Bop

Kit and Kate are dancers scheduled to perform the Kitty Kitty Bop on “Who’s Got Talent?”.

Just Desserts

Kit and Kate plant chocolate chip cookie trees and harvest the cookies to enter them in a dessert contest.

The Pet Set

Kit and Kate are bored with their toys and think it would be fun to get a pet instead.

The Chew Chew Train

Kit and Kate become engineers on a train.

Now We're Cookin'

Kit and Kate go to work at Woofie’s Restaurant cleaning the dishes.

The Blame Game

Kit and Kate set off on a row boat to boogie-woogie board at Boogie Woogie Beach!

And What If?

Kit and Kate go to a theater to see Korny Kat's Kid's Komedy Kalvalcade!

Dressed to Ill

Kit and Kate take a cruise to visit wonders of the world in lands of heat, cold, rain and wind.

Quiet Time

Kit and Kate form a marching band to play in Friendlyville.

Something Fishy

Kit and Kate want to go fishing at Camp Butternut, but they have to wait until the ducks finish playing volleyball and biking.

The Right Fluff

Kit and Kate are traveling musicians who meet a lamb who has lost her lucky hat.

My First Flame

A Baby Dragon brags that he can breathe fire, promising Kit and Kate that he will make them a campfire.

One Crabby Day

King Crab summons his court painters, Kit and Kate, to paint his royal portrait.

Gone Wishing

There once lived a Genie who used up all of his wish-granting powers.

The Space Squid Kid

On Planet Squidula, the Space Squid Kid’s parents are upset his room is perfectly clean.

Land of Lost Socks

Spider Prince Bugster of Buglandia is very disorganized.

You Can Say That Again

Two parrots who live in the Jellybean Jungle never have anything nice to say about their neighbors or even each other.

Bernie the Bat

Bernie the Bat doesn’t like to stay up at night like a normal nocturnal bat.

Gigi the Jigglebug

Gigi and Juju are jigglebugs living on Planet Zebulon.

A Good Days Work

Jackie the Rabbit is always ready to help somebody out — but only if she gets something in return.

Aw… Nuts!

While the Squirrel Princess is off searching for a Noodle Nut to complete her rare nut collection.

Monkey See. Monkey Break.

Maxine is a giant monkey who lives in a regular sized town.

Witch Way?

On a dark Halloween night, Kit and Kate, dared by two frightened trick-or-treaters.

The Lollipop Rodeo

Kit and Kate turn into rodeo stars at the Lollipop Rodeo and compete.

The Magic Flower

Kit and Kate join a bear, mouse and bird on the Wizard’s quest to find the Magic-Nolia flower.

Farmer Phil

Farmer Phil is preparing for Orange Day.

The Missing Stink

Skip, a young skunk, feels like a fraud.

How to Beat a Bully

Young dinosaur Trixie’s fun is spoiled at an amusement park by Bart.

I Can’t Decide

Wolfy the Monster can never make a decision.

Gopher Help

Chompers the Gopher calls the Fix-It Kitties when his TV stops working.