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Highlights Kids

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Did You Know: Sloths

Learn fun facts about sloths!

Make It: Dog Biscuits

Learn how to make some yummy biscuits for your furry friend!

Musical Jokes

Listen to silly musical jokes from Highlights kids and share a few with your friends!

Ask Highlights Kids: Siblings Fighting

Hear how Highlights kids get their siblings to stop fighting.

Brain Play: Squish Sounds

Name some things that make a 'squish, squish, squish' sound!

Weather Jokes

Listen to silly weather jokes from Highlights kids and tell a few to your friends!

Did You Know: Butterflies

Learn all about what butterflies do and how many varieties exist.

Ask Highlights Kids: Stealing

Highlights kids talk about how to talk to a friend who steals things from the store.

My Best Friend Moved Away

Highlights kids talk about how to handle a best friend moving away.

Did You Know: Sneezing

Learn about what happens when you sneeze!

Did You Know: Jupiter and Saturn

Learn fun facts about Jupiter and Saturn!

Brain Play: Paintings Coming to Life

Think about what you would paint if paintings could come to life.

Who Am I? #1

Can you figure out who creates worlds with castles, dungeons, far-away universes and more?