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StarLord Plays Minecraft Videos

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Build The Cannon

In this episode the problem solving skills of the players are tested. They must build a cannon that can launch a block of TNT past a certain line.

FInding Employees

The kids continue with their Five Nights at Freddy's creation. In this episode StarLord is looking for new employees.

Coming Together

A lot of building and designing and decorating has happened. Look how the Five Night at Freddy's restaurant has came together.

Installing New Lights

The guys continue to build the Five Nights at Freddy's building during the day. At night weird things are happening more and more.

Construction Continues

A lot of brainstorming and ideas are being shuffled on how to build this world. As expected strange things begin to happen at night.

Construction Begins

The kids start work on an amazing creation of a Five Nights at Freddy's Restaurant.

Break From Prison

The kids have spent a lot of time building this new world. They decide to start actually playing in it.

River Crossing

The kids continue their new world building a wizard tower, prison, McDonalds, and a new river crossing.

Almighty Water Chicken

A new world is started. NinjaHamster in his usual funny self. Meet the Almighty Water Chicken!

Parkour Lava Pit

StarLord must parkour to the bottom of a lava pit. Lava is not the only thing waiting for him in this pit.

Hide The Hideouts

This episode has StarLord and friends continuing to build and improve their hideouts.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

StarLord finds himself alone following a gold brick road. He must reach the end to win.

Find Gold and Kill Skelly

StarLord and a friend try to find gold under unsual circumstances and he must fight the Mobs to win.

Three Days To Live

StarLord and a friend must find the right supplies, fight off the Mobs and survive 3 nights without dying.

Snitchel Impresses

StarLord visits a world full of giant cartoon characters and two very impressive cities.

Pirate Ships

StarLord and some new friends build a few pirate ships. Once the ships are finished they begin work on a roller coaster.

Five Nights At Freddy's

StarLord visits a new friend who has built a Five Nights at Freddy's themed world with giant statues and a restaurant replica.

Water World

In this episode the players finally get to test their hideouts on a newly entered player.

Distraction House

This Episode has StarLord and friends realizing that this hideout idea was taking longer than expected.

Secret Tunnels

The kids use the newly constructed Five Nights at Freddy's restaurant for a game of hide and seek.