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The Counting By Tens Song by Have Fun Teaching is a counting song that teaches kids how to count by 10's all the way to 100.

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That Makes 10

ADDITION was never so much fun!!! Learn all about what MAKES 10!

Greater Than Less Than

What does that pointy shape in the middle of two numbers mean? Learning about COMPARISONS is a great way to enter the world of science and math!


What TIME is it? Countdown to a magical journey on our Rocketbox!

The Ruler

How does this lesson MEASURE up? Sing along and find out!


What is the difference between "heavy" and "light"? Come find out in this amazing music video!


Whether the weather is hot or cold, you'll always want to know the TEMPERATURE.

A Cup Fills Up

Learn all about CAPACITY! Get ready for a terrific musical ride in the wild west town of Capa City!

Check That Volume

How much VOLUME is in that bowl? Turn the volume way up to find out!

We All Sing

Not everyone can play a musical instrument, but everyone can SING!

I See Shapes

Learning about SHAPES and geometry is a great way to enter the world of science and math!

Break It Down

Let's groove on skip COUNTING? Get to know skip counting in an exciting new way!

Geometrics From the 3rd Dimension

Here comes Captain Cube, here to save the day with GEOMETRY!

Dizzy D

Far and wide, join Dizzy in a song all about LENGTH & HEIGHT!

Double Trouble

When you DOUBLE numbers, you get twice the fun!

Pizza Party

Learning about FRACTIONS will make you hungry for more math!

Mr. Measure

Here's an AREA of math that totally square!

Wanna Win? Add on Ten!

You don't have to be 10 to learn about adding 10. A great lesson in EARLY ARITHMETIC!

Count Back Jack

What will you take away from this song about SUBTRACTION?

Bit by Bit

When you BUILD, every big thing is made up of much smaller bits.

UMIGO: Line Me Up

The ruler is back with a great way to MEASURE things longer than she is!

Creature Costume Party

Bean, Bit, Dizzy and their friends are having a big PARTY! Bring Your Own Creature Costume!