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Janet's Planet

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Learn about the elements with this fun song from They Might Be Giants.

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Meet Janet. She'll be your tourguide through this crazy universe of ours! Don't worry...there's no spacesuit required.

What is Gravity?

Why aren't we floating right now? Gravity, of course! But it's not that simple...

Gravitational Force

Gravity works in strange ways, and Janet begins to get to the bottom of it all.

What If There Were No Gravity

It's a fair question, right? Would we be walking on ceilings? Or would our entire universe change?

Henry Cavendish

Henry Cavendish was the first scientist to test gravity in the laboratory. Thanks to the "Cavendish Experiment," we know how much Earth weighs!

Weight and Mass

Two of the key elements of physics, an object's weight and mass determine how it's affected by gravity.

Sir Isaac Newton

The apple never falls far from the tree...and that's how Isaac Newton discovered gravity!

What Happens in Microgravity

How does gravity behave when we get down to the real nitty gritty?


Wait, the Earth revolves around the SUN? Yes, but before Galileo, no one believed that!

What Is Microgravity?

So we know about GRAVITY, but what exactly is MICROGRAVITY?

Microgravity and Astronauts

What effect does microgravity have on astronauts orbiting earth?

Parabolas and Weightlessness

What does it feel like to float in outerspace? Astronauts experience microgravity by training in very special airplanes.


Janet wraps it all up. What did you learn about microgravity?