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Minecraft Tutorials: Survive and Thrive Videos

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How to Survive Your First Night in Minecraft

This Minecraft gameplay tutorial will show you how to survive your first night in Minecraft 1.8 Survival mode.

Mining, Smelting

It's called Minecraft, so let's move on to more advanced crafting: mining and smelting! Trust us, kids, you can survive this!

Doors, Shears

Get better at Minecraft with lesson #3: How to craft a door to secure a hidey-hole, make shears to get wool from sheep, and craft a bed to set our spawn point. We love kid safe video games!

Armor and Damage in Minecraft

In this episode, we discuss the various types of Armor and materials used to craft it.


Ok, Minecrafters, let's learn how to hunt for food, cook it up in our furnace, and eat it to refill our "meat pops", aka Hunger Bar!

Weapons, Combat, Experience

In this kid safe episode of Minecraft: Survive and Thrive, we use Combat mechanics and craft a Bow and some Arrows!

Exploring and Beacons

How do I play Minecraft? Well, let's explore our starting area and make "beacons" so we can find our way home and mark locations of special interest, like holes in the ground (which always lead to adventure!)

Wheat Farm

Let's build a Minecraft Wheat Farm! Kids will learn how to craft a hoe, till and hydrate dirt, gather seeds, use bone meal, harvest your wheat, and more video game tricks for the hungry Minecrafter!

Fences and Gates

In this Minecraft video for kids, we craft Fence and Fence Gates and build a perimeter around our wheat farm to protect the crops from getting trampled.

Chicken Farm, Fishing

Minecraft is the ultimate free kids game, and today we'll lure chickens to our coop and learn how to fish. And that's what you'll serve on your Minecraft server!

Cozy Cottage - Part 1

Okay Minecrafters, today we begin construction on our first home, a cozy cottage! We clear some waterfront property, lay the foundation, and build the frame.

Cozy Cottage - Part 2

Minecraft lesson part 2: We finish building our cozy cottage and craft some new blocks for future projects: smooth stone, brick, and stone brick.

Cave Navigation Basics

Craft ladders and a trapdoor for our basement. Use our "gravel express elevator" to descend into a hole in the ground and learn some handy cavern navigation tips.

Redstone and Slimes!

We explore caverns for redstone and iron ore and also find a nice surprise: slime! Like the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, if the KCAs happened on a Minecraft server!

Pig Farm

Something smells in this computer game. Oh, it's from our pig farm! Time to make some Minecraft bacon.

Sugar Cane Farm

We make a sugar cane farm and craft paper and sugar, and also finish our farming shed in this Minecraft video.

Harvesting Livestock

In this episode, we harvest resources from our pigs and chickens. I also show you some cool Minecraft tips to craft Flint & Steel and how to use it to harvest cooked meat!

Cow and Sheep Farming

In this Minecraft tutorial, we build a cow farm and do some cow and sheep breeding.

Compass and Map

In this episode, we craft a compass and learn to use it to find our original spawn point. We also craft a map and explore the surrounding wilderness, finding pumpkins, wolves, and mushrooms!

Pet Wolf

In this funny Minecraft video, we find a wolf and tame it as a pet. I show you how to care for your pet wolf and demonstrate a few commands like sit and follow. Woof!