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Problem Solved

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How To Get A Higher Allowance

Jeremy reads a letter from a viewer looking for a little financial advice, and gives you some practical tips for getting a pay bump from your parents!

How To Deal With Annoying Siblings!

Jeremy hears from a viewer with a pesky little sister, but don't worry! He's got a great game to keep your sibling out of your hair.

How To Start Your Own Band

Can't play an instrument? No potential band mates? Don't fret! Jeremy has the perfect solution for every type of rock star out there!

How To Stop Daydreaming In Class!

Caught spacing out in science class? Don't worry! Jeremy's here with some great tips to keep you from losing focus

Getting Called On In Class

Hey! You in the back! Losing participation points because you're teacher can't see you? Don't worry, Jeremy can, and he has the perfect solution!

Smelly Bus Driver

Time to say "Smell You Later!' to your stinky morning ride! Jeremy's perfect present will nip your funky problem right in the bud.

How To Get A Better Snack

Looking for a snack upgrade? Jeremy's foolproof method will have you swimming in snacks in no time!