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Teen Titans Go! Videos

SpacePOP: Episode 1: Beginning of the End Climbing Up This Mountain (Counting by 10s up to 100) The Kitty Kitty Bop Microgravity and Astronauts SpacePOP: Episode 40: Button Down Episode 16: Frenemy Feast Smighty Claus I Can't Wait Lalaloopsy Webisode 5: Bea Spells-A-Lot and the Pet Talent Show Follow The Yellow Brick Road Young Justice: Shirts Ten Little StoryBots - StoryBots Classic Songs
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Beast Boy takes over as Alpha male of the Titans when he is in Gorilla-mode and Robin has to figure out how to get back on top.

You're Fired!

Beast Boy gets fired from the team and the Wonder Twins take his place.

Artful Dodgers

The Titans confidently expect to win an upcoming dodgeball championship, even though the only thing they ever practice is their victory dance.

H.I.V.E. Car Chase

The Titans panic as they come face to face with the H.I.V.E.. Will their small truck be enough to save them from defeat?


Beast Boy teaches Starfire how to lie and it backfires as her lies get more and more outrageous.

Lazy Sunday

When the Titans replace the couch with a treadmill, Cyborg and Beast Boy must get guidance from the couch spirit.


When a computer dating program matches Beast Boy to Raven, he tries wooing her to disastrous effect.

The Date

Robin poses as Speedy to sabotage his upcoming date with Starfire.

Ghost Boy

Beast Boy pretends to be a ghost haunting Starfire so she will do his bidding.


The Titans and the Little Buddies throw a surprise party for Birdarang and Beat Box.

Sandwich Thief

Someone has stolen Robin's perfect sandwich, and he's on the hunt to find it.

Love Monsters

Raven warns the other Titans not to go near a box containing the Twin Destroyers of Azarath.

Staff Meeting

Robin's beloved staff is broken by the other Titans, so he goes on a perilous quest to the ancient Universe Tree to find a new magic staff to replace it.

Man Person

Despite the Titans' protests, Beast Boy becomes convinced that replacing his body parts with robotic limbs makes him more manly.

Grandma Voice

Cyborg channels his Granmama as backup in a fight.

Dog Hand

Raven's Dad has gifted the gang with some ridiculous new powers.


Cyborg, Beast Boy and Robin return Silkie to Killer Moth to collect a cash reward.

Puppets Whaaat?

Robin makes marionette versions of the other Titans as a way to deal with their lack of respect.

Super Robin

Robin's wish comes true and he finally gets superpowers - but at what cost?


Robin tries to destroy some pesky mocking birds but they come back bigger, stronger, and ready to mock.

Caramel Apples

Raven and Starfire clash after Starfire creates a bond with Raven's father, while Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy struggle to return to Earth's surface after falling into a deep cavern.

Nose Mouth

The Titans overuse Raven's dark magic, causing unintended consequences.

Staring at the Future

Cyborg and Beast Boy have a staring contest that lasts 30 years, bringing them face to face with a future of adulthood and responsibility...and they hate it.


After Robin swipes her cloak, Raven's leggy figure is revealed and she transforms into Lady Legasus.

Brain Food

BB avoids being "the dumb one" by making the rest of the Titans dumber, which leaves only Silkie to save the day.


Cyborg and Beast Boy annoy the other Titans by refusing to say anything but "Waffles".

Second Christmas

The Titans trick Starfire into believing in second Christmas with second Santa.

No Power

Robin challenges the gang not to use their powers - and they're more successful than he suspects!

Starfire the Terrible

When Robin needs an archenemy, Starfire generously offers to fill the role and she exceeds expectations.

Colors of Raven

A magical prism causes Raven to fragment into five distinct personalities which wreak havoc around town until the other Titans can figure out how to rejoin her.

Burger VS. Burrito

Cyborg and Beast Boy face off about which is better, burgers or burritos.

Caged Tiger

When Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy get trapped in an elevator the limits of their friendship are tested, while Starfire and Raven bond with a supervillain.


Raven shows the rest of the Titans that books can be fun.


When he is tasked with looking after the Bat-cave, Robin questions his relationship with Batman while struggling to keep the other Titans in line.

Power Moves

When Robin starts doing power moves with Cyborg, Beast Boy gets very jealous.


When Beast Boy loses his ability to change into animals, he realizes that he’s lost touch with his wild side.

Breakfast Cheese

Starfire convinces the reluctant Titans to try defeating their enemies with compassion rather than violence.


Cyborg has a star-crossed crush on Jinx, the cutest member of The Hive.

The Left Leg

Cyborg creates a huge Titan robot powered by all five Titans, each of whom controls a different body part.

Be Mine

Beast Boy invites Tara to the Titan's Valentine's Day dance and she accepts in order to destroy all of the Titans and exact revenge on Beast Boy.

Teen Titans Go!

Funny things happen to Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg between saving the world and being regular teens, living together without adult supervision.