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SpacePOP Videos

TurboBot Roll Off! Review By Two - Sydnastical Reviews LUCY & ANDY NEANDERTHAL SpacePOP: Episode 67: Kronk Place, Kronk Time Secret Tunnels SpacePOP: Episode 12: The First Gig SpacePOP: Episode 1: Beginning of the End How To Make a Christmas Tree Pop-Up Card Lalaloopsy Webisode 5: Bea Spells-A-Lot and the Pet Talent Show Pet Wolf Dog Hand Turbo Talent Show Doors, Shears
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Episode 1: Beginning of the End

As Empress Geela takes control of Planet Lunaria, faithful royal servant Chamberlin rescues Princess Lunaria in the nick of time!

Episode 2: Juno Joins

On Planet Junoia, Chamberlin convinces Princess Junoia she must escape Geela’s clutches.

Episode 3: Leap of Faith

Chamberlin and Juno continue their arduous trek to avoid capture by Geela's android minions.

Episode 4: Rhea and Hera

Chamberlin and Princess Rhealetta escape Planet Rhealo in a broken down space bus; Chamberlin rescues Princess Herazanna from Planet Heralda.

Episode 5: Ready to Go

On Planet Athenia, Chamberlin and Princess Athena run afoul of Geela’s android henchmen!

Episode 6: Narrow Escape

Athena and Chamberlin confront Geela’s androids in a desperate attempt to escape Planet Athenia.

Episode 7: Chamberlin Makes a Stand

The princesses want to take a stand against Geela - and free their homeworlds - but Chamberlin insists they remain undercover.

Episode 8: Instruments For All

Chamberlin reminds the girls they must remain undercover - in ugly clothes - and the girls discover each other's...

Episode 9: Let's Be a Band!

The princesses decide to go undercover and form a band to spread the word against Geela through music.

Episode 10: Start of Something Big

The princesses jam their first song together.

Episode 11: Group Hug

Chamberlin gives his reluctant blessing to the princesses' plan to start a band.

Episode 12: The First Gig

SpacePOP plays their first gig - and gets their first superfan!

Episode 13: A Gig on Heralda

SpacePOP returns to Heralda's homeworld for their next gig - and a shocking surprise.

Episode 14: SpacePOP Gets Noticed

The girls meet their fans after the gig on Heralda - but Geela's influence casts a dark cloud over the gathering.

Episode 15: The Mysterious Stranger

The girls have some fun at Geela's expense - and meet the mysterious Captain Hansome.

Episode 16: Joining The Resistance

Captain Hansome recruits SpacePOP to join The Resistance to fight back against Geela.

Episode 17: Chamberlin Objects

The girls tell Chamberlin they are going to join The Resistance - and Chamberlin is not amused.

Episode 18: Trueberry Meadows

SpacePOP superfan Bradbury interviews Chamberlin and the girls for his blog - and his first question is a doozy!

Episode 19: SpacePOP as Rebels

The girls get their first assignment as members of The Resistance.

Episode 20: Take To The Air

The girls and Chamberlin are on their first secret mission - and it's no laughing matter!

Episode 21: Geela's Secret Weapon

The girls discover Geela's secret weapon - The Fog-O-Nator!

Episode 22: Disobeying Orders

The girls watch as Geela orders a test of The Fog-O-Nator.

Episode 23: Destroy the Fog-O-Nator!

SpacePOP puts an end to Geela's evil Fog-O-Nator machine.

Episode 24: Mission Accomplished

Captain Hansome congratulates the girls on their first successful mission.

Episode 25: Pampered Princesses

Juno decides it's time to train the Princesses to defend themselves.

Episode 26: How to Train a Princess

Juno starts training the Princesses - after an old-fashioned pillow fight!

Episode 27: Spy Wear

The girls create spy gear that is functional-- and fashionable!

Episode 28: Luna's Musical Mutiny

Luna has a diva moment and refuses to play a gig with the band.

Episode 29: A New Assignment

Captain Hansome gives SpacePOP an exciting - and dangerous - new assignment!

Episode 30: Rebels on a Mission

The princesses are trapped on a flying train - with Geela's android henchmen!

Episode 31: Sticky Situation

Fast thinking by the princesses keeps their mission from coming unglued!

Episode 32: Home to Junoia

Geela's nefarious plans lead the princesses back to Juno's home planet Junoia.

Episode 33: Party Animals

SpacePOP's number one fan books the band's first major concert.

Episode 34: Jam Session

Captain Hansome gives SpacePOP a new assignment that coincides with their upcoming concert.

Episode 35: A Piece of Cake

SpacePOP meets their musical idols and plays their biggest concert yet!

Episode 36: Bowing Out

SpacePOP rocks the crowd before going on their next secret mission for The Resistance.

Episode 37: Changing It Up

Hera learns the difference between a "spy" mission and a "spa" mission.

Episode 38: In A Cavern

SpacePOP braves a dangerous cavern, Geela's androids and a surprise visit by their biggest fan!

Episode 39: One for All and One-On-One

The princesses close in on Geela's secret base - and the Space Pets are tickled to help!

Episode 40: Button Down

Juno saves the day with a strong arm - and a stale doughnut!

Episode 41: Selfie Destruction

Luna distracts Bradbury while the other princesses carry out a secret mission.

Episode 42: The Big Reveal

Captain Hansome shares an important secret with SpacePOP.

Episode 43: Geela Monster

Geela learns of SpacePOP and she is NOT amused

Episode 44: How Glow Can You Go

Luna shoots a commercial and finds it tough to keep her identity a secret.

Episode 45: Fight

Juno, competing in an extreme sports program on Geela TV, learns reality TV isn't always real!

Episode 46: Flight

Juno must battle her winning instincts to protect the identity of the princesses.

Episode 47: Fashion Police

Geela disrupts a fashion competition on Geela TV.

Episode 48: Animal Instinct

Hera wants to adopt more pets!

Episode 49: Fasten Your Asteroid Belt

Chamberlin navigates a dangerous asteroid belt to avoid Geela's androids.

Episode 50: Flashback!

A reluctant Chamberlin babysits the pets while the princesses go on a dangerous mission.

Episode 51: The Laser's Edge

The princesses must ge past a dangerous laser grid on their secret mission.

Episode 52: This Pit Is The Pits

The princesses find Chamberlin - and a surprise visitor - deep in Geela's undergroud lair.

Episode 53: Return Of The Androids

Geela's android soldiers barge in, complicating SpacePOP's secret mission.

Episode 54: A Hairy Situation

Captain Hansome learns new respect for the Princesses on a dangerous mission.

Episode 55: SpacePOP-arazzi

The girls have a chance to play a huge gig - but it's for Geela!

Episode 56: The Big Break

SpacePOP creates a new music video before their appearance at Geela's festival.

Episode 57: Sabotage

Geela and Tibett conspire to ruin a SpacePOP appearance.Geela and Tibett conspire to ruin a SpacePOP appearance.

Episode 58: The Show Must Go On

Rand saves the day when Geela tries to sabotage their show.

Episode 59: Interview Blues

SpacePOP grants their first big interview - which is interrupted by Geela's androids.

Episode 60: Escape

SpacePOP escapes Geela's androids with a little help from their fans.

Episode 61: We've Got a Secret

Geela's starship tracks the SpacePOP bus while the princesses comfort a dispirited Juno.

Episode 62: Guest Who?

Geela's evil plan for SpacePOP is no laughing matter - or is it?

Episode 63: Party Pooper

The princesses reluctantly attend Geela's party.

Episode 64: Pieing This Guy

Juno loses her cool; Chamberlin takes one for the team.

Episode 65: Rocky Concert

Geela ruins a SpacePOP concert with her awful signing voice.

Episode 66: Beware the Kwub-Kwub!

SpacePOP fans revolt when Geela's terrible singing ruins a SpacePOP concert.

Episode 67: Kronk Place, Kronk Time

Rhea and Hera tease Luna about an upcoming date.

Episode 68: Poor Reflection

Juno and Luna get arrested on purpose - to find Geela's headquarters.

Episode 69: An Arrested Development

Juno and Luna return to the bus with news of Geela's HQ.

Episode 70: Wigging Out

The princesses have a hair-raising adventure in Geela's headquarters.

Episode 71: Sopranos Unplugged

Luna prepares to sing solo and the princesses get an impiortant clue about their missing parents.

Episode 72: Amp It Up

Luna's solo gig goes awry but with Bradbury's "help" they take another step toward finding their parents.

Episode 73: SpacePOP Unplugged

Bradbury learns another SpacePOP "secret."

Episode 74: A Rebel Song

Captain Hansome calls in with a potential clue to the location of the princesses' parents!

Episode 75: Tear Down the Walls

SpacePOP's plans are thwarted by an impenetrable wall.

Episode 76: In Search of the Dungeon of Doom

The Space Pets take on Geela's android soldiers.

Episode 77: Parents Lost

The princesses head for the dungeon while Hera hypnotizes Geela's android guards.

Episode 78: A New Hope

Broken-hearted after an unsuccessful rescue mission, the princesses are heartened by another clue to lead them to their parents.